I started my career as a newspaper reporter, a career that took me from Trenton, New Jersey to Honolulu, Hawaii to Harrisburg, Pennsylvania. I will always be a storyteller.

But I knew the world was changing so I taught myself digital marketing and started a small agency to help small businesses grow.

Over a year ago, I finally decided to join my local CrossFit gym. It changed my outlook on life and realized this system of training is an excellent way for anyone to achieve strength, cardiovascular health, better posture and mobility. And most of all, you surround yourself with energetic, positive people.



The reason I started this business is to help those who help others have a better online presence.

I want to use my passion for website design to help gym owners, coaches, physical therapists and nutritionists to convey a high-end online presence to connect with more people and help them get healthy.

I follow my gym’s mantra to #BeMoreHuman. I make our time together fun and uncomplicated. I translate your vision into a clean, sophisticated website.